Why Us?

Any support service can make promises about what it will deliver. But the true measure of its success is dependent on how that service is received and perceived by those who need to make use of it. This Centre prides itself on empowering parents and therefore they do indeed have the last say.


This is that space, where families have their say about the service they feel they have received or are currently receiving from the Centre.


James is very happy and excited going to Brenda he always has a good time during the therapy sessions. He is definitely improving, as he now makes new sounds and tries hard to speak words. He also enjoys the homework we get, and practices the sounds often. He is also more relaxed and not as tense and impatient as he used to be.


Thanks Brenda for your hard work, we really appreciate it.

You are always well prepared, and always have something exciting to offer James.


We appreciate you and the support you give us very much.

Danie and Elaine

My wife Maggie and I, Pepukai of Zimbabwe, are proud and very much grateful to have had the opportunity of a lifetime, of meeting Brenda Schmid whom, with her experience and patience, gave us the inspiration that saw us hearing our names being called by our daughter Stacey for the first time in her 6 year life time.


Life has no meaning without hope, and hope we got from the undying effort put in by Brenda at the Centre of Listening and Spoken Language to have Stacey be able to hear and speak. It is unfortunate that out there, there are many children and parents whom have not been given hope on having the opportunity to hear or speak because they have never heard or been exposed to the great work done by Brenda. She did make what we thought was impossible, possible. God bless her and the centre abundantly.

Ons het ‘n lang en moeilike paadjie geloop om die graad van ons dogtertjie Ané se gehoorverlies te bepaal. Vandat ons vir Brenda ontmoet het, was daar lig aan die einde van die tonnel. Ané het ‘n kogleêre inplanting op 2 jaar gekry, nadat sy met erge gehoorverlies gediagnoseer is. Brenda het ‘n ongelooflike passie en aanvoeling vir die werk wat sy doen, en bereik daarom soveel hoogtes met Ané. Dit is ook duidelik te sien aan die opgewondenheid as Ané na Tannie Brenda toe moet gaan. Brenda se passie en liefde vir dit wat sy doen strek veel verder as die paar minute met haar in die kontak sessies. Brenda het die hele middag na Ané se operasie in die hospitaal bystand gegee, gee gedurig raad oor die telefoon en het Ané se skool en juffrou besoek, om net ‘n paar voorbeelde te noem.

Ané is nou net so oor die 3 jaar en amper twee jaar onder die bekwame hande van Brenda. Ons is amper deur die tonnel met ons dogtertjie wat al lekker met sinnetjies begin praat. Ons sal ewig dankbaar wees dat ons ‘n Brenda het om vir ons rigting en antwoorde op ons vrae te gee.

Gerhard en Elsa

(Translation: We walked a long and difficult road to establish exactly what degree of hearing loss our daughter Anè had. But from the time we met Brenda, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Anè had a cochlear implant at 2 years of age, after being diagnosed with a severe hearing loss. Brenda has an unbelievable passion and feel for the work she does, and therefore achieves so much more with Anè. It is also clearly seen in our daughter’s excited to go to Aunty Brenda. Brenda’s passion and love for what she does reaches beyond the few minutes we spend in the contact sessions. Brenda spend the whole afternoon after Anè’s implant operation at the hospital with us, supporting us, she frequently advises us over the phone and has also visited Anè’s school and teacher, to give but a few examples.

Anè is now just over three and been in Brenda’s competent hands for almost two years. We are almost out of the tunnel, with our little girl who is now beginning to speak in sentences. We will forever be grateful that we have a Brenda to guide us and answer our questions.)

Thanks for helping me understand my daughter better and for the love and caring for us.

Sindi, mom to Mpilo

I am Refiloe, mother to 16 month old Khensani, who was born with severe hearing loss in both ears.


I don’t even know where to begin about our journey with the Centre for Listening and Spoken Language. We met Brenda in May after we were referred to her by our audiologist. My husband and I had to decide whether we are going to stay with Brenda but considering how far we have come, it was an easy decision to choose Brenda, she has been incredible with Khensani as she has taught her how to listen with her hearing aids and developed her language, we all knew that eventually Khensani would have to be considered for a cochlear implant because of her severe hearing loss in both ears but Brenda went all out with helping Khensani and she taught me all the fundamentals in helping Khensani to utilize her hearing aids better. We have seen a big difference in Khensani’s hearing skills and her response to sound is excellent, considering what she can hear.


In July, Brenda and the cochlear team then decided that Khensani would be a cochlear implant candidate and all the necessary tests were conducted.

We still continued to our therapy sessions until a date was confirmed for her 1st cochlear implant for the 4th of December 2012.


We are happy with Brenda and we will continue our therapy sessions with her because I know that one day my daughter will say “mama” to me and that will be the happiest day of my life.


Brenda must continue the great job that she is doing and God will surely bless her.