Our Purpose In Community

Our Vision

To be a leading centre of excellence in maximising the listening and spoken language potential of children with a hearing loss.

Our Mission

  • To follow and implement the 10 principles of Auditory-Verbal therapy for the purposes of providing a comprehensive family centred support service to hearing impaired children and their families/caregivers.
  • To foster and support the development of listening and spoken language in all phases and aspects of the programme.
  • To assist in the management and care of each child’s hearing health and to ensure optimal functioning of the prescribed technology; whether it be hearing aid/s, cochlear implant/s or bone anchored/conduction hearing aid/s.
  • To support families through the consideration, assessment, fitting and habilitation of a cochlear implant, under the leadership of each individual Cochlear Implant Programme and it’s structures.
  • To commit to the training of all professionals practicing in this field of hearing loss, whether they be students, parents, qualified hearing professionals or educators.

Our Values

  • To always act in the most professional way possible.
  • To always serve and work within a relationship of trust and respect.
  • To always serve and function as a team.
  • To always be led by the parents we serve, and to honour their role as their child’s primary case managers.